Tacazos - Jonathan barrera


GPS app location of taco stands, like regular restaurants will post location, hours open, and ratings from customers. This app will help grow small immagrant owned businesses beyond their normal 5 mile radius and loyal local clientele amd also help non locals or maybe working on a side of town you are not from locate delicious tacos, cause everyone loves tacos in every city!

What makes this app so unique

  • i work in construction i am a dump truck driver so i am on the road most of the day, there are times i am looking for delicious taco stands but am in a area i have never been to so i have no luck finding any and if i do they might be nasty or closed, i have google, GPS'd and seached everywhere online to locate taco stands and i have notice only stuff that pops up is restaurants and there is a hole needing to be filled i have yet to find anything like this.

Why we need your support

  • Developing the app
  • Marketing
  • make it to any state that has taco stands



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$ 25 funded

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Funding not completed

  • Developing the app - $ 5.000,00
  • Marketing - $ 5.000,00
  • make it to any state that has taco stands - $ 5.000,00