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App Name:  SLinkz (SocialLinkz) is a fun easy social selling/buying and advertising app.

It will be a free App for all users. 

'SLinkz' will help new or existing Brands/ businesss for example - whether they are a new independant streetwear brand or even a new VapeJuice brand for ecigarettes etc to GAIN EXPOSURE THROUGH SOCIAL PLATFORMS in an organic way through their customers. So new brands dont have to spend Thousands on social media marketing when starting up.

How this will work?

It will be an easy app just like how instagram and other social platforms work BUT SLinkz will reward their users/buyers. You can Create a SLinkz page as a:

*Store/seller/business (upload products)

*Social User (buyer, upload photos) 

*Genie (freelancer) 

When a customer buys an item from a SLinkz sellers store, customers will have the option to click "SHARE on facebook/instagram/twitter/pinterest" and in return they will get points. Each point represents a '10% off discount voucher" to you use on any ONE item for the next time they buy on SLinkz from any other stores they wish. 

Upon signing up to SLinkz: buyers/users will have to create a profile just like an instagram profile where they will also have followers and follow others too. 

They can upload photos on their SLinkz Profile page of them wearing or showing a product which they have bought.

From their SLinkz Profile they can click Share (SLinkit) button and it will be shared on their chosen social platforms like instagram/twitter etc. Buyers will then recieve a point (10% off voucher+free shipping) for future purchases on any SLinkz Stores. 

This way the sellers will gain social media exposure in return for everytime buyers share their products on social platforms and guranteed returning customers that will benefit all the stores. Because buyers can use their points on any store they wish to use on. 

Yes the sellers will have to give away 10% discounts but as a business its better to giveaway a small discount and guarantee sales rather than spending thousands on social media ad campaigns to gain exposure. 

Users can follow stores aswell and keep up to date on products and promotions. 

Every Store will be a profile based page. Where they will have photos of there products /models wearing products. All store photos will have a BUY button. This will make it easier for buyers to make impulse desicions. 

An Explore page will show featured store products.

A community page will show users photos of the products they have uploaded on SLinkz. 

SLinkz App will have many features that will benefit the STORES/SELLERS. 

There will be a "Create an AD Campaign" button: whether its for a new product/season or promotional discount offers. 

Stores can create an email ad campaign which will reach All the SLinkz Users who have signed up with their EMAIL ADDRESSESS.

But the stores will have to pay a fee to SLinkz to use this feature. 

Customers who view these emails and react to it will get more points (10-20%discounts) to use in that particular store only. 

Another feature SLinkz will have is : 

SLinkz Genies : are people who sign up as freelancers who also will have profile pages and charge fees to stores for any jobs the stores/brands require. 

SLinkz will take a percentage of the fees from the SLinkz Genies (freelancers). 

Freelancers can consist of: Designers, Logo Creators, photographers, Promo photos, PR's, marketing, Seo specialists, advertisers, website builders, instagrammers with high followers can charge fees for ads. Etc. 

The potential of my APP idea is endless. 

I have the passion and vision of what this APP can do to become a big successful App. Failure is not an option for me, I am person that will keep pushing hard till I succeed. Some of my ideas may fail but I will NOT. I truly believe this will be something BIG!. 

For every sale a store makes: SLinkz will take 10% off that sale.

I have planned out the image of the App of how it will look. 

The User Interface features it will have: landing page, theme, navigation, colours of attraction to use. I have the vision of exactly how it will turn out. 

So here is a snapshot of my App business idea:

*What it offers?.. links buyers to new or existing brands through a social platform. And helps brands/businesses to connect to the world through their buyers. 

*why its needed? Because it rewards every customer and helps make impulse buying decisions. Business are guaranteed to have valuable returning customers and get exposure through giving rewards such as discounts.

*who the Business is targeted to?.. Mainly independant New brands and businesses/start ups who have awesome products to offer but dont have enough capital for marketing yet and Exposure in the social world. 

*what problem does it solve?.. will help new or existing startups solves the problem from pouring all their money on social media ads and gain followers organically through buyers engagements. 

*what will be sold on SLinkz stores?.. Anything that is 'NOT second hand!!'

fashion, accessories, vapejuices, gadgets, crafts, art, services and the list goes on. 

But our aim is to pull in Businesses who are trying to build a BRAND.

What makes this app so unique

  • Its A Social and Business app both mixed together where both the BUSINESSES AND CONSUMERS BENEFIT FROM ALL SALES. An App where all buyers are rewarded and sellers gain exposure through organic social advertisings.

Why we need your support

  • APP trademark and Blueprint
  • Advertising/marketing/launch


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  • APP trademark and Blueprint - £ 10.000,00
  • APP DEVELOPMENT / TESTING - £ 75.000,00
  • Advertising/marketing/launch - £ 30.000,00