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Every now and again an app comes along that just works. Why does it work? Looks slick, full of features, is unique, does what it says on the tin? For sure all important ingredients, but the strength of this app is it's absolute simplicity. We all know everyone loves a quiz - at parties, on the train with your friends, in a tent, at the pool side, in the office, riding on a camel, travelling to mars (it's a long journey apparently) - wherever and everywhere people love quizzes.

For the first time ever here is an app that makes it super easy to find a quiz, create a quiz and share a quiz. A fully connected app which uses the power of facebook, twitter, google plus and a whole host of social platforms to deliver an unimaginable number of quizzes and questions to people all over the world.

There's a lot to tell you about our app so we have put together a funky video (hope you saw that already) and an overview of the app features.

What makes this app so unique

  • What does it do?
  • The principal feature of the app is the ability to search and download quizzes and questions from the community which other users have created and uploaded. On launch a large number of standard quizzes and question bundles will be available for download and as the user community grows, more and more people will post their own efforts. They can share their own quizzes with friends via social media and other app users can download their quiz via 'quiz central'. 'Quiz central' is the central 'marketplace' where users can search for the quiz they want to download.
  • We have developed a number of features which will add oodles of p'zazz to this brilliant app:
  • Presenter mode - switch to this mode for when you want to deliver your quiz via airplay to a TV screen.
  • Random quiz - need a quiz in a hurry? Select the number of questions, the categories you want and boom - you have a quiz!
  • My quizzes - all your quizzes and questions are stored securely in the 'quiz central' database meaning you can access from any device (android version will follow the IOS version and the quizzes will be cross compatible).
  • Upload and share - budding quizmaster? Make your quiz (even using other peoples questions), add categories, difficulty ratings and upload them to 'quiz central' - follow how many people download your beloved quiz.
  • MIQUIZ central - the place to go to find 'ready to go' quizzes and question bundles. Pre-populated with hundreds of free to download question bundles to get you off to a flying start. Find top rated quizzes other people have uploaded or use the powerful search to get the questions and quizzes you want.
  • Profanity and accuracy engine - we don't want 'quiz central' to be full of inaccurate or abusive questions. Our profanity filters will prevent unwelcome swearing/hate/abusive content and our 'check my answer' feature will help to validate the answers to your questions.
  • Categorisations - all questions available to download (whether individually, in packs or as fully finished quizzes' can be tagged with multiple categories making the organisation and creation of quizzes so much easier.
  • Language Support - MIQUIZ is for everyone everywhere! Not only will the app fully support multiple languages / localisations, but questions and quizzes will be stamped with a country of origin, so folks in the US won't get a pile of questions about Yorkshire and UK users won't get a pile of questions about the 5th Amendment!!
  • You know what? - actually we have a tonne of features - not all of which will be included in version 1 (we need to make future versions awesome too).
  • How will it generate income?
  • An app like this has many opportunities to generate income. However, we want the app to be as usable as possible for every user which is why the free version will be fully featured and unrestricted. We are planning a paid version which will remove advertising and also the possibility to offer in-app question bundles. Our focus is to get the app working as we want it and used by as many people as possible worldwide - once it has it's foothold then we will further explore commercial opportunities more fully.
  • It's all been done before!!
  • Well to be honest no, it hasn't. Of course there are many apps which are based on the concept of quizzing, but this app is focussed on the social aspect of quizzing. When you are sat at the beach with friends and someone says 'anyone got a good quiz' then anyone with this app will be the one to say 'yeah i've got MIQUIZ on my phone'. We have trawled the app store and nothing comes close to this. It needs to happen now because some other cheeky developer will come and steal our glory and fill this space which is seriously empty right now. With the features we will include in version 1, and those we are planning for future releases no-one will be able to come close to the huge success that will be MIQUIZ.
  • Our journey continues .. with you!
  • We invite you to join us in our journey to bring MIQUIZ to the market (sooner rather than later!)
  • Thank you for your time!
  • Jason

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