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Ever start to cook something to realize you don't have it in your pantry or worst it was expired? Ever wanted a system that could give you a grocery list based on what you already have in your pantry? That's what this app is about!
This app allows the user to input the food and expiration dates that are already in their pantry. The user can then add recipes for their favorite dishes and make their menus for the day/week/month. The app will then use that information to build your grocery list so you don't buy duplicate items or miss something. The app will also notify you when some tub in your pantry or fridge is close to or expired.

As I am not an app developer, I am working with a developer firm. They broke down the app development phase into three parts: Alpha, Omega, and development. I have already completed the Alpha phase but need funds for the remaining phases.
The Omega phase consist of the following: creating the app badge, analyzing the app to develope the features, creating a portfolio deck for target market and monetization scheme, creation of a 60 second video detailing the app functionality, finally copywrite, and finally a quote on the development phase.
As for as monetization, right now the initial plan is adds on a free version and a monthly subscription for the full version without adds. The free version will consist of only the food entry and expiration date reminder. This will of course be updated in the Omega phase.

What makes this app so unique

  • While there are apps available that allow you to input your recipes. And a few new apps to input your food items, there are none that I have found in google play or Apple App Store that combines the two and produces a menu.

Why we need your support

  • Finish the Omega Phase
  • Begin app development
  • Publish to google play.


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Chef Helper

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  • Finish the Omega Phase - $ 5.000,00
  • Begin app development - $ 10.000,00
  • Publish to google play. - $ 5.000,00