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A mobile application that encourages adults to get out and socialize! A fun competitive app just for adults that lets you share experiences and even make a friend or two jealous. Everyone checks in when they go out anymore; so now instead of the same boring post “John Smith has checked in @ blah blah” you can check-in with Bar Frog and get rewarded for your check-in. Points are awarded for different reasons; miles traveled, number of check-ins, and specialty check-ins. There are different levels of achievements and unique badges for check-ins! Bar Frog let’s your friends know where you’re at and you can invite them to join you. There would be a Bar Frog photo gallery that groups pics by where and when they were taken. You can also challenge friends to point competitions in a given time period i.e. weeks, months, or a year. This app will offer different types of advertising space i.e. banners and full page, there can be a free version with advertisements and a paid subscription with no ads. Because this app will encourage people to get out to bars and restaurants it’s a no brainer for those businesses to advertise on this app. This will be a great app for anyone 21 and up who’s already plugged in and on social media but it will also be gateway into social media for some folks who may not be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This could be the app they’ve been waiting for that doesn’t have kids or that isn’t overly complicated. This could be the Facebook for the active adult who loves to travel and party or the folks who like to go out once in a while and look for somewhere their friends have been and where their friends can join them. This app has endless possibilities!

What makes this app so unique

  • There's no other app on the market right now like this. This app rewards people for checking into their favorite spots. It's not an app to read reviews of restaurants or to see menus but an app to show people where you are, where you've been, to invite them to join you, to share pics, and best of all to collect badges and rewards just for checking in.

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