Brown Deck Innovations

Lives in Los Altos, CA, US

Skills & specialties

Brown Deck Innovations is a software product development and mobile app development company in San Francisco bay area. Our experts can play the appropriate innovation role based on the stage and size of the company - a Virtual CTO/ Technology Co-founder for an early stage startup, VP/ Director of Engineering for a mid-size company, and an Innovation Partner for change teams inside established enterprises.

We are better than Big 5 because we don't only consult - we also actually build and engineer the software. And we are better than just engineering shops because we not only code but rather work with you on your vision, paradigm shifts, business strategy and what your customers need.

We ask you difficult questions upfront and every step of the way. We believe it is better to identify and address those challenges sooner rather than later. Our experts live and breathe the technology ecosystem, and are focused on latest innovation trends and product development practices, so you can focus on your business. Our software development and innovation services grow your company, build authority, smoothen operational procedures, increase efficiency, and lower the cost of doing business.

We provide full stack services, using specialists in each step of the process, and cover every step of the software development process, including assessing your needs, establishing appropriate architecture, designing the most efficient solution, developing and coding web and mobile apps, deploying the final product, and training your staff to use the new software efficiently.

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