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Workbox is a bidding system for jobs. People will post jobs up for bid for anything from moving to building a house. The Job poster will benefit from job seekers fighting to win the job by bidding and the bidder will benefit by making extra income from jobs in the area. Bidders will look for jobs within their area of expertise, like construction, automotive, cleaning, moving etc. Once the bid is won by the job seeker, he performs the work and payment is released same day to his bank account. Payments are held in escrow in the workbox platform until the job is completed. Workers will get a rating and build a facebook type profile of past work to build trust with the person looking for work to be done. Ratings will be given from 1 to 5 stars, 5 being great work, 1 being not so good. This will have an impact on the job seekers future bids for jobs. This app is being developed to help skilled people out of work, create income. When it comes to employment in America today, the regular paycheck just doesn't cut it any longer. Bidders will have an opportunity to also, earn extra income when they have extra time.

The application is now in the programming phase

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